Dominic A.

I am Dominic, a photographer based at Cologne, Germany. I shoot portraits of people and animals, urban settings, and natural landscapes. Authentic, emotional, realistic, and with a feel for the right moment.


About me

My love affair with photography began several years ago when I bought my first digital single-lens reflex camera. I have learned mostly by doing, and by participating in joint shoots with experienced photographers. Besides, I have attended classes and seminars and learned from books and other sources.

I enjoy capturing unique moments with my photos, telling little stories, and making things visible that are usually hidden from sight. My main focus is on architecture, landscape, portrait, and animal photography. From an aesthetic point of view, I find long exposures, creative flash photography, and light painting especially appealing.


2010 – 2014 | Event photography for Contact Impro Cologne

2013 | Corporate portraits for Kleine Republik, Cologne

2014 | Artist portraits for Contact Impro Cologne

2014 | Book cover for Max Planck Institute for the Study of Societies, Cologne

2015 | Calender image for Junge Akademie, Berlin

2015 | Event photography and videography for the Rhineland Regional Council, Cologne

2015 | Advertising photography for University of Cologne

2015 | Exhibition photography for Senckenberg Museum of Natural History, Görlitz


Doing photography together with like-minded fellows is more fun than doing things alone. I am part of the Cologne-based photo collective „Blende K“ and frequently exchange thoughts and experiences with befriended photographers. We take pictures together, help each other with photo shoots, and jointly realize ideas and projects.


Are you looking for someone to put you into perspective, or do you have a photo idea that needs a creative eye? Do you want exceptional portraits that are as individual as you are?

I am always happy to meet new people and open to offers on exciting projects. Please write me an email or use the contact form below to send me your requests and ideas.

You can also follow me on 500px to stay in touch with me and to learn more about my current projects.